Lifetime Wave Youth Kayak with Paddle 6-Feet, Blue

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Lifetime Wave Youth Kayak with Paddle 6-Feet, Blue

  • Durable, high-density polyethylene construction
  • Molded finger handles on each side of the kayak
  • Designed for kids ages 5 years and up, or up to 130 lbs
  • Reverse chine for enhanced stability
  • Twin Fin design assists in tracking and surf riding

Lifetime Wave Youth Kayak with Paddle 6-Feet, Blue

Lifetime Wave Youth Kayak with Paddle 6-Feet, Blue


The Lifetime 6' Youth Kayak with bonus paddle is particularly created for kids ages 5 years and up, or up to 130 lbs. The wide stance provides a stable paddling platform to help keep your child safely in the kayak. Its sloped back end and swim-up step allow the rider to easily re-enter the kayak from the water. This Lifetime Wave kayak features scupper holes and ideal stability. It has multiple footrest positions so your child can change position and still be comfortable. This item makes an ideal gift idea for children who enjoy nature and recreational kayaking. Take it along on a camping trip for hours of exercise and leisure. The Lifetime 6' Youth Kayak with bonus paddle has molded paddle cradles so you won't lose it when it's not in use. It has a reverse chine for enhanced stability. This kayak is durable and made of high-density polyethylene so you will stay afloat out on the waves. This kayak comes in a wide variety of bright colors that help it stand out so you can easily keep up with your child's whereabouts.

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Kayak Buying Guide And Information

Whether or not you’re planning to paddle your kayak for only a few occasions or you might be planning to use it for extended overnight trips, you might need it to flow down the river or the sea with little attempt. However shopping for a kayak for the first time will also be challenging especially with more than a few fashions that fluctuate in dimension, weight, and features bought out there. With out a clear working out of the different types of kayaks available, you may also finally end up regretting your purchase. So how approximately you start with some information?

Sorts of Kayaks

Kayaks come in 2 basic styles. There is the sit in kind and the sit on versions. Each kinds consists of its own pros and cons. It’s essential that you understand the variation between the two so that you’re higher informed before you buy a brand new boat.

Sit In Kayaks

They feature a cockpit that’s where you sit. There is a cockpit rim around the cockpit that is the place you keep your spray skirt in order that the water continues to be out of the boat. There are seat and foot pedals which will also be adjusted according to the paddler’s length, within the cockpit.



Can Be Used In Any Season

Fans of long distance kayaking will have to consider shopping for these as they may be able to use them in spring as well as autumn climate.

Rapid Paddling

These kinds of boats have a low center of gravity which leads to raised steadiness and sooner paddling.

Protection From Spays of Water

With a cockpit rim that encloses the cockpit, spray waters are kept out, and hence the kayaker can have a smoother journey. Additionally, the absence of drain holes in the bottom of the cockpit ensures that it is still dry all over.

Easy Fishing

The closed cockpits are built instantly into the hull of the boat this means that you will be nearer to the water and subsequently can fish conveniently. Also, users can get entry to the entire hull hence can retailer all their fishing apparatus.


Your kayak will likely be full of water for those who flip and therefore righting the craft will also be tough.

Freedom of movement is restricted.

Having access to|Accessing|Getting access to|Gaining access to} possessions within the again part of the kayak can also be challenging.

Sit On Top Kayaks

They’re used mostly through paddlers in warmer oceans or lakes who love being on the water. They feature an open cockpit design that allows paddlers to jump off and get back on. Customers sit down on a molded depression as a substitute of being in the vessel.



They Are Straightforward to Enter And Get out

Because the cockpit is open, it makes it straightforward for one to get in and out. This selection makes them a preferred choice for fishers, divers, and surfers.


The open-air designs permit room for stretching out and relaxing whilst at the water. Also, you’ll position your toes within the place you to find comfortable seeing that they offer extra footrest choices.

Easy Access To Your Gear

You can simply access your equipment like water bottles and fishing rods. Once more, they’ve storage space to keep your fishing gear.


They’ve small holes that permit water to drain thru them. In case you topple you’ll flip them again.



Slow Pace

They are wide and the paddler sits higher, this means that they have got a higher center of gravity therefore harder to paddle and inefficient.

Little Area For Tools Storage

Those models don’t provide so much dry space for storing as a result of their molded designs.

Provide No Coverage Against Harsh Climate Conditions

The paddlers are uncovered to wind, scorching sun and waves since the cockpit is open.

What to Look For Whilst Buying a Kayak


Weight Capability

This accommodates the entire of the boat, your equipment and also you. If the boat is overloaded it will take a seat too low in the water and paddling could also be inefficient.


Longer boats glide through the water more efficiently and offer plentiful space for storing. Kayaks with shorter hulls maneuver more easily. Shorter boats are also easier to store.

Quality Of Materials

the quality of the material used affects the durability and the weight of the kayak. There are 2 not unusual types used for constructing kayaks.


Kayaks made from plastics are the average ones. Polythene is the material used..


Lightweight fiberglass boats can withstand hindrances in the water without turning over, and it’s unlikely for them to get damaged. But they may be able to be repaired in instances of accidents although they’re much more expensive.


Worth also plays an element in deciding which kayak to buy. A large box retailer may well be promoting them at a better price than a locally owned retailer. Also, you can purchase a second-hand kayak that is less expensive as compared to a brand spanking new one. Whichever the case, opt for a quality kayak. Because of this it’s a must to do more research.


As there are lots of makes use of of kayaks, you must purchase one which meets your wants and needs. The aim will let you decide the options of the kayak. As an example, a fishing kayak will have to have area for containing fishing apparatus.

Don’t simply purchase the primary kayak that you just see. As an alternative make sure that you analysis the fashion you want to buy and that it’s going to fit your kayaking needs. However with this guide you will be able to make a better choice.